• Badiatul Hikmah STIT Muhammadiyah Bangil


Studi this gets beginning of its low motivate and Reading and Writing studying achievement Al Qur’an (BTQ) educative participant SDN Watuagung. It happens because of learning method that applied by reducing paying attention participant trend is taught. Its implication make passive educative participant, causes low spirit their the capturer image be learning always chanted, pall, and achievement that is reached for really lets down, evenless if concerned by participant grasp is taught with tutorial material. To settle about problem in Al Qur'an Reading and Writing learning (BTQ) upon, therefore found one method which can increase participant studying enthusiasm is taught, involving alae educative participant active, and can increase ability and participant studying achievement is taught, which is method Quantum Teaching. One that differentiate this method with method conventional are principle study to become participant belonging is taught, educative participant as sentral studies, participant educativing to empower VAK'S potency (Visual, Auditorial and Kinestetik) to build and gives based science mean its experience correspond to konstruktivis humanistis's paradigm, be educator just personation “fasilitator and condition provider” so learning process can happen.  Participant motivation teaches to be said increases, evident gets to increase participant studying motivation is taught because the importance for variation, appreciation, aspiration or aspiration have can increase motivation or studying spirit in get learning In Other Words educative participant will be motivated for studying more energetic be, most more if propped by method Quantum Teaching  one that “notabene” can make easy educative participant in accept study material insignificantly and feeling secure deep accept that study, learned achievement to be said worked up if get with attention been proven, and oldster response and environmentally momentous society in increasing achievement studies educative participant, as difficult as whatever a material or study material, will easy feel if did by pleasing and situation taste that agreeable.


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